There’s nothing quite like a great vacation–but illness or an accident can ruin even the best-laid plans. If your family is in need of a brief getaway, or you want to start your retirement years with an extended getaway, you’ll need travel insurance to accompany you wherever you go.  No matter where you travel, accidents and illnesses can always happen, but when you’re covered under GeoBlue Travel Medical Insurance, getting the care you need is quick and easy—and you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Did you know that nearly 67 million Americans traveled abroad in 2016? It’s no surprise that many people are choosing to travel with GeoBlue. Whether you’re a retired ex-pat, international employee, or a family on the go, GeoBlue travel medical insurance picks up where your domestic health plan leaves off. This can include medical evacuation, hospitalization, and sick visits.


Vince Homan Insurance is proud to offer GeoBlue travel insurance, which makes it easy to get affordable coverage for your travels, including:

  • 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile Support
  • Network of Credentialed Doctors in more than 180 Countries
  • Little-to-no Out of Pocket Costs
  • Verified, Approved Medical Professionals
  • Mobile app with Translation Services (all GeoBlue-approved doctors speak English)


You can get a free, instant quote today! Simply visit the Vince Homan GeoBlue Insurance website and enter your information.


GeoBlue from Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a range of plan options, including coverage for single trips, frequent travelers, and long-term or ex-pat plans. When you’re insured with GeoBlue, you’re always connected to a provider through 24/7 web, phone, and mobile support.  This insurance option works with your primary health plan to make sure you get the support you need, from medical and mental to prescription and evacuation assistance.


You can choose from a wide variety of travel insurance providers, but GeoBlue will always keep you covered. Here’s a glimpse at the kind of care you’ll receive when traveling with GeoBlue:


  • Wide Coverage: Headed on a mission trip, or going trekking in the middle of Asia? With GeoBlue’s elite network of providers and expansive offerings, travelers will have access to high-quality healthcare wherever they go. Not only does GeoBlue assist with finding immediate care while traveling, but they also provide pre-travel support with vaccinations, health risk alerts, and country specific security profiles.
  • Translation Services: Finding quality care can be difficult when you don’t know the language of your host country. GeoBlue’s translation tools will help you interpret your symptoms, medical history, and prescription medications.
  • Customer Service: There’s nothing quite like good customer service, especially when you find yourself in an emergency situation. In addition to a customer service phone line, GeoBlue also offers round the clock mobile and online self-service tools to find the answers you need as soon as you need them.


Planning for your next adventure? Get your free, instant quote for verified GeoBlue travel medical insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield today!