Medicare is a system of health plans that include different areas of coverage. Depending on your needs and your life situation, your coverage could be covered by Original Medicare (Parts A and B), or a combination of different plans, including Part C or Part D).

The amount you will pay for your coverage depends on the combination of parts that works best for you. Here is a quick summary of what Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D cover.

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Medicare Part A
Medicare Part A, sometimes called hospital insurance, generally covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care, hospice, and home health services.

Medicare Part B
Medicare Part B, also known as medical or doctor insurance, covers two types of medical services medically necessary health services and supplies (like outpatient doctor visits and wheelchairs) and preventive services like screenings, annual wellness exams, and more. Specific details about additional services, supplies, and preventive services are available on

Medicare Part C
Medicare Part C includes a variety of different plans. One of the most popular Part C plans is Medicare Advantage (MA). MA plans are offered by private insurance companies that are contracted and approved by Medicare to offer plans that roll multiple Medicare options into one single plan. MA plans must provide the same basic coverage as Medicare Part and Part B, but they also feature extra benefits, like vision, dental, and fitness memberships all in one. Some MA plans also include prescription drug coverage—these plans are called MAPDs.

Medicare Supplement plans are health insurance policies sold by private insurance companies that supplement Medicare Parts A & B and offer coverage that is not included, such as copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. MedSupp plans work in tandem with Medicare Parts A and B, but you must have your other benefits in place to add a MedSupp plan (it is a supplement, after all!).

Medicare Part D
Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage available to anyone with Medicare Part A and/or Part B. Much like Medicare Part C, Part D plans are offered by private insurance companies.

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